Ray Norman
Audio Department
Director and Producer

Experience: 20 years
Ray Farnell
Audio Department

Experience: 20 years

The Sound Engineers and Their Philosophy

With a combined experience of over 40 years, the director/producer team of Ray Norman and Ray Farnell has seen many changes in the audio production industry. But, amid the mind-boggling race for better technology, one thing remains constant :

Technology doesn't create the product, people do.

Sure, we've got the toys, and we love 'em. After all, audio production is the closest thing to being on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise as we'll get. We love the smell of a piece of hardware heating up right out of the box. We like to hear the question : "How do you know what all those itty-bitty knobs do?"

Want to create the sound of a tomato traveling through time? Need an original music score for your made-for-the-internet movie? Want to restore a 100 year old tape of your Grandfather singing the Portuguese National Anthem? We got a gizmo that can handle it.

Surf the net for "recording studios", and you'll come up with a very long list. Surf the net for a sound design company with a staff that has more experience, and a better vision for the future of audio, and you'll come up with a very short list indeed.