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Hosting With Dogwood Productions

Dogwood Productions provides full hosting services for web sites, FTP sites, and remote databases through its partnership with pair Networks. The servers provide secure, reliable hosting with minimal downtime, and are engineered to easily support the largest spikes in network traffic without missing a beat.

Dogwood's servers are located in pair's custom-built shared internet datacenter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Hosting Features:

World Class Network
Local network is highly optimized, fully switched and collision-free
External connections are DS-3 and OC-3c lines to multiple diverse backbone providers
Optimal route selection and automatic failover in the event of external network outages
Delivers more than 90% of outgoing traffic through private peering points, avoiding congested public exchanges and increasing response time and throughouput to all clients
Custom-built Intel Pentium and AMD Athlon servers, with extensive spares on site for upgrades or replacements
FreeBSD Unix, tuned for reliability and continually hardened against security exploits. A direct descendant of BSD UNIX, FreeBSD is fully open source, and is actively maintained and developed.
Server and network uptime well in excess of 99.9%
Closed datacenter with physical access restricted to authorized personnel only
24x7 Onsite staff monitoring equipment
Redundant climate control with automatic failover
Expandable redundant uninterruptible power system; 750,000 watt capacity backup standy generator can provide power indefinitely in the case of an outage
Fire suppression system provides coverage to entire datacenter

Email and Messaging Solutions:

In addition to providing hosting solutions for your net-accessible data, Dogwood Productions also provides a full range of email messaging solutions for your important communications.

Email is a critical service for internet users today. When email is down, important messages between employees or from clients may be lost or delayed. In fact, the first action that 70% of Internet users take after they log onto a network is to check their email accounts.

Through a partnership with Critical Path, Dogwood Productions Hosted Email provides you with the following benefits:
Secure, fail-safe email
Available and monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
99.5% uptime for email services
Web-based email interface
Accessible world-wide from any web browser
Gives access to all incoming folders
Server-side filtering of incoming messages
Allows one to set a vacation, or away, message that automatically responds when you are away for an extended period
Consolidates your other email accounts, allowing you to check other POP accounts from one, central web location
Allows you to change your password directly from the web interface for increased security
Server-side spam and virus filtering available as an option
Multiple data centers located on both east and west coasts, providing server redundancy and fail over capability
Private peering with ISPs and backbone providers; multiple high-speed connection provide redundancy in the case of network outages
Infrastructure developed to scale to tens of millions of mailboxes
Platform runs on Sun UE4000s using Oracle database software

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