Chapura Software

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Technology and Software

Web Site, CD-ROM Presentations

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Profile: We were presented with the task of creating a first-class web presence for Chapura Software to provide an easy to use, responsive, and visual appealing online application to sell Chapura software and assist customers to find the answers to any questions they may have regarding Chapura products or services.

Creative Challenges: To provide a look and feel that loads fast and is easy to use. The typical Chapura web user wants to either buy or upgrade their Chapura software or obtain answers to technical questions they may have. The goal of the interface and design was to assist in this process. The graphics are light and simple, with an emphasis on product solutions and capabilities.

Technical Hurdles: Since Chapura operates their business almost exclusively over the web, the web site is expected to perform as well as the software for which they produce. The Chapura web site receives a large amount of web traffic and must handle multiple transactions and downloads of their products seamlessly and reliably. We created a network structure that is responsive to these needs. The application we created to power this site features customer login to allow your shipping information to be stored for quick ordering. A user can login, order, pay, and download from this site 24/7.